Atomic Bride is shattering bones and possessing minds with their new EP, ELECTRIC ORDER. Produced by Industrial Rock God Bill Rieflin, who expertly bleeds the five-some of all fury, fear and love, and channels it into this powerful collection of tracks, the album is a realization of an unstoppable and influential alliance of musicians.

“Welcome my friend…,” the listener is affectionately invited along in the spasmodic, melodic, opening and title track Electric Order. In a fit of spellbinding riffs and punchy beats, the band rejoices an otherworldly secret society with great ceremony. One will likely find themselves a full-fledged disciple by songs end.

Americium 241 is a menacing machine of a song about a highly radioactive isotope. Its unsettling presence is declared by the band through eye-rolling fuzzed-out bass waves, industrial strength springy reverb coils and grinding, mechanical, cog-wheel keys.

‘Da Doo Run Run’ pop legends The Crystals, Neil Sedaka and Shaun Cassidy lend a hand in the track We Got Muscle. Fierce angles and relentless hammering are sugared up sweet with jangly tambourines and a fevered exchange of vocals which exclaim, “You want it? We got it!” ‘Muscle’ is a stunning union of noises that some refer to as ‘Industrial Bubblegum’.

In Angel of Hell, a tough and twangy monster boogie, we go-a-motorcycle riding through a sweltering desert where shiny chrome hot Harley pipes scream out in ferocity! A piano rolls in a distant watering hole while our lonesome rider terrorizes the landscape. But wait, who’s the angel in this acid-hell?

Based in Seattle, Atomic Bride is Astra Elane and co-lead vocalist and lead guitarist Chris Cool, Avtar on bass, Rachael on keys, and drummer Dave Bordoley. Formed in 2006, AB is well-known for their unique, heavy sound combining pop sensibilities with hammering beats and twangy, tripped out guillotine guitars. Atomic Bride is largely influenced by Joe Meek, Brian Eno, Ennio Morricone, Duane Eddy, France Gall and The Partridge Family.