07/26/2014 w/ Jupe Jupe, Black Nite Crash @ Vermillion, Seattle WA
06/14/2014 w/ Ever So Android, TokyoIdaho @ Chop Suey, Seattle WA
04/25/2014 w/ Tom Price Desert Classic, Less Than Equals, Steel Tigers of Death @ Lo-Fi, Seattle WA
03/15/2014 w/ Gladiators Eat Fire @ Barboza, Seattle WA
02/08/2014 w/ Jupe Jupe, Black Nite Crash @ Sunset Tavern, Seattle WA
01/10/2014 w/ Chastity Belt, TacocaT, Summer Babes, Lures @ The Vera Project, Seattle WA
12/14/2013 w/ Holograms, TV Ghost @ Chop Suey, Seattle WA
12/07/2013 Psychedelic Holiday Freak Out Fest @ Therapy Lounge, Seattle WA
11/14/2013 w/ The Fleshtones, The Boss Martians @ El Corazon, Seattle WA
09/14/2013 w/ Tacocat, Ever So Android, Acapulco Lips @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
08/09/2013 w/ Spider Heart, Blue Skies for Black Hearts @ Lo-Fi, Seattle WA
07/27/2013 w/ guests @ Vermillion, Seattle WA
07/06/2013 w/ Fox and the Law, Erik Blood, Creepoid @ Chop Suey, Seattle WA
06/22/2013 Rock 'n Roll marathon @ Rock 'n Roll Marathon, Seattle WA
05/18/2013 w/ Man or Astro-man?, Audacity @ Neumos, Seattle WA
02/09/2013 w/ Boss Martians, Boats!, The Piniellas @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
12/15/2012 w/ Walking Papers, The Chasers @ The Crocodile, Seattle WA
09/22/2012 w/ Slug Guts, Telemesser, Partman Parthorse @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
09/15/2012 w/ The Love Dimension, Mystery School @ Starry Plough, Berkeley CA
09/14/2012 w/ No More Excuses, Shotguns-N-Gasoline @ The Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas NV
09/12/2012 w/ Peg Leg Love, Haunted Tiger, Wild Pink Horse @ The Redwood Bar, Los Angeles CA
09/11/2012 w/ Peg Leg Love, GRMLN @ Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles CA
09/09/2012 w/ Spider Heart, Tokyo Raid, The Spiral Electric @ Brick and Mortar, San Francisco CA
09/08/2012 w/ Drive-Thru Mystics, Captain Amazing and the Okay I Guesses @ The Fox And Goose, Sacramento CA
09/07/2012 w/ Sleeper Cell @ The Little Red Lion, Eureka CA
09/06/2012 Tour Kickoff w/ Black Pussy @ Matchbox Lounge, Portland OR
08/25/2012 w/ Can You Imagine?, Thee Midnight Creep @ Sunset Tavern, Seattle WA
08/12/2012 Seattle Tattoo Expo @ Seattle Center, Seattle WA
08/10/2012 w/ School Shootings, F-Holes, Autolite Strike @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
08/04/2012 Run For Your Lives @ Apocalypse Party, Onalaska WA
07/20/2012 w/ guests @ Vermillion, Seattle WA
07/14/2012 w/ The Valley, Sleep Capsule, The Connerys @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
05/19/2012 "Dead Air" album release party featuring Love Battery and Summer Babes @ Lo-Fi, Seattle WA
04/25/2012 w/ Facts on File, The Fabulous Downey Brothers @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
04/01/2012 w/ Kamikaze Queens, The Little Black Bottles @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
03/17/2012 w/ The Navins, The Riffbrokers @ The Rat and Raven, Seattle WA
11/25/2011 w/ Cali Giraffes, 18 Individual Eyes, TacocaT @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
11/11/2011 Ocelot Omelet album release w/ Ubik, Planet @ Highline, Seattle WA
10/29/2011 w/ Vaporland, Boo Frog, The Connerys @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
10/08/2011 Seattle Weekly's Reverb Festival @ 2Bit Saloon, Seattle WA
08/13/2011 w/ The Tom Price Desert Classic, Sugar Sugar Sugar @ Sunset Tavern, Seattle WA
08/06/2011 Tacoma Rock and Rally Fundraiser for Operation Ward 57 @ Rock the Dock, Tacoma WA
07/23/2011 w/ Black Nite Crash, Sad Face @ Lo-Fi, Seattle WA
07/22/2011 w/ Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme, The Braxmatics @ Chop Suey, Seattle WA
07/16/2011 w/ Boo Frog, Sick Broads @ Slabtown, Portland OR
06/25/2011 w/ The Connerys, NighTraiN, The Apollos @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
05/21/2011 w/ Brother James & The Soul-Vation, The Navins, The Apollos @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
04/15/2011 w/ The F-Holes, The Pleasure Kills, The Greatest Hits @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
04/08/2011 w/ Autolite Strike, Tax and Leisure Corporation, The Apollos @ 2Bit Saloon, Seattle WA
01/21/2011 w/ The Slants, Stiletto Kill, 3rd and Battery @ Club Motor, Seattle WA
01/14/2011 w/ Blue Ribbon Boys, F-Holes, Dead Beats @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
12/18/2010 Brickyard Holiday Bash @ Brickyard BBQ, Seattle WA
12/04/2010 w/ Tom Price Desert Classic, Sin Driver @ Slim's Last Chance, Seattle WA
12/03/2010 w/ Autolite Strike, Aurora Roarers, Holy Name Dropouts @ 2Bit Saloon, Seattle WA
11/26/2010 w/ Watch It Sparkle, The Navins, The Quit @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
11/19/2010 w/ The Wrecked Chords, Hearseburner, Chelsea Speed Party @ Club Motor, Seattle WA
10/30/2010 Messman's Messquerade - Dub Car, Throne of Bone, 13th Grade @ Belltown Underground, Seattle WA
10/22/2010 w/ Cherry Poppin Daddies @ Tractor Tavern, Seattle WA
09/17/2010 w/ Los Bastardos, Event Staph, Hearseburner @ Tiger Lounge, Seattle WA
09/10/2010 w/ Brother James and the Soul-Vation, The Laundronauts @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
08/28/2010 w/ Keg, Downstrokes
08/12/2010 w/ Ocelot Omelot, Rad Touch @ Chop Suey, Seattle WA
08/08/2010 Weenie Roast w/ Steel Tigers of Death, Tax and Leisure Corp., High Class Wreckage
07/17/2010 w/ Badlands, The Hand That Bleeds, The Little Black Bottles @ Tiger Lounge, Seattle WA
06/27/2010 w/ Hearseburner, Omega Moo @ Sunset Tavern, Seattle WA
06/26/2010 Georgetown Music Festival @ The Mix, Seattle WA
06/26/2010 Rock and Roll Marathon - Viaduct
06/04/2010 w/ Karma Bomb, Slackhabit @ 2Bit Saloon, Seattle WA
05/15/2010 w/ Ocelot Omelot, Imperial Legions of Rome @ Slim's Last Chance, Seattle WA
04/09/2010 w/ Three Dead Whores, Omega Moo, 13th Grade @ Tiger Lounge, Seattle WA
03/26/2010 The Charleston @ The Charleston, Bremerton WA
03/13/2010 w/ Rad Touch, Si Si Si, Autolite Strike @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
02/27/2010 w/ Fox Gloves, Lucky Thirteens @ East End, Portland OR
02/26/2010 w/ Reverend Deadeye, Dragstrip Riot, Hard Money Saints, Big John Bates @ Studio Seven, Seattle WA
01/30/2010 w/ Alabaster, Hooker Farm, Noddy @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
01/16/2010 w/ Space Cretins, Hearseburner @ Mars Bar, Seattle WA
10/30/2009 w/ Tyvek, Western Hymn, Sandy City @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
10/17/2009 w/ Maxwell Street Revivalists, Satellite 4 @ Slim's Last Chance, Seattle WA
10/13/2009 w/ Koffin Kats, Repomen, Sawyer Family @ Studio Seven, Seattle WA
10/01/2009 w/ The Hand That Bleeds, Hair Envelope, Hearseburner @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
09/12/2009 ALS Benefit @ Club Motor, Seattle WA
08/21/2009 - 08/22/2009 Totalfest @ The Palace, Missoula MT
08/14/2009 w/ Creem City, Rooster Sauce @ El Corazon, Seattle WA
08/12/2009 w/ Wester Daywick, Fred Roth Revue, Feeding George @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
07/25/2009 w/ Hearseburner, The Fuzz @ Skylark, Seattle WA
07/17/2009 w/ Night Beats, Satellite 4 @ Rendezvous, Seattle WA
07/03/2009 Full Tilt @ Full Tilt, Seattle WA
07/02/2009 Album Release party w/ Reverend Beat-Man, Autolite Strike, Bill Collectors @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
06/07/2009 w/ Lamborghiniz, The Hacks, Genldick @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
05/09/2009 w/ Mexican UFO, The Pranks @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
03/01/2009 w/ Pain Cocktail, The Heels @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
02/14/2009 w/ The Fuzz @ The Monkey Pub, Seattle WA
12/28/2008 w/ Sioux City Pete and the Beggars, Abraham @ Comet Tavern, Seattle WA
12/20/2008 w/ The Get Off @ Mars Bar, Seattle WA
12/12/2008 w/ Saboteurs, Electrolux, Spaceship Excellent, Bug Nasties @ High Dive, Seattle WA
11/15/2008 w/ Boot Liquor, Speedmop @ Slim's Last Chance, Seattle WA
02/07/2008 w/ Fast Friends U.K. Holy Name Dropouts, The Earaches @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle WA
12/06/2007 w/ Ashworth, The Sweet Revenge @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
11/29/2007 w/ Rejuveniles, Tailenders @ Skylark, Seattle WA
11/26/2007 w/ Rustbelt, The Uprights @ High Dive, Seattle WA
10/11/2007 w/ Mission Creeps, The Verb @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA
08/25/2007 w/ Ghostship @ Beacon Pub, Seattle WA
08/09/2007 w/ Trip Like Animals, Vibrant Society @ Sunset Tavern, Seattle WA
08/02/2007 w/ Fused, Sik Sad State @ Blue Moon, Seattle WA
07/27/2007 w/ The Hand That Bleeds @ The Jolly Inn, Portland OR
07/03/2007 First show. w/ The Detoxicants @ Rendezvous, Seattle WA